Sunday, December 18, 2005

Alumni Homecoming

Well, the much awaited 25th anniversary celebration/alumni homecoming of the organization happened last night. It was a night to remember, that's for sure.

My head's still spinning from everything that happened last night. I know most people would have much preferred the alumni count to be higher, but from the way things went for me last night, I can't say I'm one of them. I only hope everyone had fun. If I were to judge, there were points in the night when the majority was bored, but I hope they don't think the night was a complete waste. Then again, that's me.

... wait... this is me. I'm supposed to look at the bright and happy side, right?

I guess Rene's cynicism is contagious.

After the program a group of alumni from the same batch, I figure, arrived. It's always nice seeing people so happy to see each other. So much ceremony for these people, whom, I think, would have been content to find an excuse to see each other and relive their memories again. But, we did our best to establish ties with our alumni, whom we swore in as honorary members.

I hope we brought back a lot of wonderful memories. I'd like to think that we did.

So, despite the fact that my legs hurt from walking and standing all night, that my toes burned because of the odd structure of my shoes, and that my arms were a bit numb from the chills and slight fever I had, (to anyone who's wondering whether or not I'm complainaing: Yes, I am complaining!) with that mentality, it was all worth it (I mean this, too, of course). I just hope someone would do that for us twenty-five years from now.

Twenty-five years from now, I would like to sit and watch pictures of myself from twenty-five years back with friends whom I love. I would like to see the people I had not seen in years surround me in a place that would bring back a lot of memories. I think P300 (or whatever its equivalent at that time would be) is a small price to pay for that.

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