Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Dream: Disjoint Segments

I remember one too many of my dreams. Thank heavens this isn't a dream I could make sense out of.

There was a large house where a big party was being held. I didn't know anyone in the party, so I was wandering around the house. No one seemed to know me, so I was left alone and unbothered. I explored the house: the garden, the attic, the living rooms, etc. I don't remember much about it other than thewooden panes of the windows painted white. Through the windows, the weather seemed fine, but when I stepped out, it was raining.
Then, I remember Frankie Muniz (from the show "Malcolm in the Middle" ) talking to me in my dream. We were sitting in a large field. He welcomed me back to the "present". When I looked around, the house was gone and there was only a cliff and a large body of water, which I presume to be the sea, in its place. I dove into the water. The house was supposed to be a thing of the past and the place where I was, the "altered present". In my dream, I knew where I was though everything was unfamiliar.
The last part of the dream had me in a large room that looked like a lecture hall. The hall had tables that were positioned in such a way that they were in semicircles that had the podium up front at the center. In the room with me were friends from both high school and college. My companions included Ivan, Rene, Donna, and Awin.
There was a telephone at the front of the lecture hall and it rang. I don't quite recall who answered it, but I was told that the person on the phone was April. April asked to speak to Donna. This confused me in my dream since Donna and April don't know each other. I asked why April would rather speak with Donna and April said that it was because of the fact that I never gone through a break up. I began to protest that Donna was still with her boyfriend when I woke up from the alarm.

I can guess where all the characters in my dream came from. I know that Frankie Muniz came from the Lizzie Mcguire episode I chanced upon yesterday and that the "new world" concept came from a very brief YM conversation with Rene about how the sun, during its evolution, would one day engulf planet earth and that evolution would begin in the methane-filled world of Saturn's largest moon, Titan.
Everything else are just little bits and pieces of my life. I know, this dream isn't much. It's probably my mind's way of reminding me that dreams do not necessarily have a meaning to digest. Of course, this is against my normally Freudian manner of thinking, but overanalyzing things can do more harm than good, sometimes so I'll leave this at that.

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Athens DLR said...

girl, you have a lot of weird dreams!