Thursday, December 22, 2005

Dream: Hey, guess who died!

Uh... yeah, it's one of my death dreams. Dreams are peculiar, I know. It's just fun keeping track of them. This one is uncharacteristically short since I can't remember the other details.

We were out, the Katipips and myself. Well, not all the Katipips, just the usual suspects: Ivan, Ralph, Rey, Alen, Phoebe, Leonard, and myself. Dinner at McDo, as usual. Nothing was out of place until discussion about what was happening with everyone else came up. I think I asked Leonard what was happening with Rene and Ralph looked at me in disbelief.

"Hindi mo alam na matagal na siyang patay?" the matter-of-fact manner in which Ralph said it gave me the chills. Then, I woke up.

Err... Ice cream, anyone?

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