Monday, December 19, 2005

Dream: The Woman in Black

How many time have I had very peculiar and seemingly symbolic dreams? Maybe I'm studying religion too much. I don't know what provoked this dream. Then again, most of my dreams that are of this sort rarely are triggered by something. This one rates high on the weirdness scale.
It appeared to be a regular day in my dream. It was a regular day in school where everyone was busy doing things in preparation for the current graduating batch's graduation. I remember seeing a lot of my orgmates there. Of course, the Katipips were there as well. We were manning a tiangge booth (for CS, I think). In the tiangge, there was a cooking contest that tried to see who could make this type of bread faster. Anyway, strange things began to happen in the dream when I looked into a mirror and pulled my hair across my face, using my hair as some kind of veil to cover my mouth and nose. I was surprised when my reflection changed to that of a beautiful woman dressed in black. Well, I'm not sure how beautiful she was because, like me, half of her face was covered by a veil (a real veil, not hair), but her eyes were incredible. I thought, at first, that the woman was perhaps my reflection. However, in the mirror, I saw a shadow behind the woman. I moved and the shadow moved, but the woman didn't. She only followed me with her eyes as I side-stepped from behind her. When I saw my own reflection, the woman covered her head in a large black cloth. I looked around the restroom and saw that I was alone. Throughout my dream, people kept discussing philosophical things with me. Every now and then, I would see my reflection on different surfaces, sometimes, a dark shadow was behind me, sometimes, I was alone. Everytime I saw the shadow, I would ask it, "Who are you? What do you want? Why don't you show yourself?" (Yes, I speak English in my dreams...) In the end, I returned to the restroom and stared at my reflection in the mirror. The shadow was there again. I demanded that it show itself to me and disembodied hands removed a black veil and under the veil was a grail. When I took the grail and opened it, it was filled with a foul smelling liquid and worms. The liquid filled the cup to the brim and a few drops spilled around the restroom sink. In my dream, I made a comment about how the disgusting mix was "the filth of humanity". I took a small container of what looked like red bugs and I carefully poured its contents into the grail. I even accidentally dropped the container, because I didn't want whatever was in it or in the grail to touch me. I tried to retrieve the container, but when I looked inside the grail, the bugs had already eaten up the bottom of the grail and the container. The foul smelling liquid and the worms were gone. The bugs disappeared as well, and the restroom was clean again. Then, I woke up.

I think I got the bugs from the series "Bones". Flesh eating beetles, I believe. Yes, I know, it's a strange dream. I get a lot of those.

Oh well...

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