Thursday, February 02, 2006

Looking back...(Part I)

It was purely by chance that I started going through the pictures from our cameras that are stored in our computer. I've always known that I'm camera shy, but I never realized just how much. There are so few pictures of me, and most of them were stolen. I know for a fact that those which were not stolen, were not easy to pose for.

I've never imagined myself to be a person worth taking pictures of.

But, more importantly, the pictures reminded me of so many things. Most of the pictures I saw were from the latter part of last year. As I looked through them, a lot of memories, both fond and bittersweet, resurfaced and now I realize that a lot of memories are easy to get over.

I suppose there will be no complaints if I post some of the pictures here, seeing as this is my blog.


*Ahem* As I was saying... here are some of the pictures I found. View at your own risk, of course! I'll be posting pictures by batches over the next few days. Uploading pictures isn't my favorite thing in the world.

Sunset at Guimaras. This was taken from Raymen(?) Resort.

Now, let's start with the October trip to Iloilo. I went to Iloilo for the 23rd Samahang Pisika ng Pilipinas Congress. It was my first trip out of town without my parents. I know how pathetic that sounds considering I *was* 20 years old at the time, but I'm very attached to my family, thank you!

I was so terrified. I couldn't sleep for days. Ivan spent a good amount of time comforting me and telling me he was just a text away and that our friends and labmates would always be nearby. I would've been a lot less freaked out had he been coming, but he had a job and couldn't leave Metro Manila.

Thank heavens that my parents, always supportive in the oddest of ways, decided that the family needed an out of town vacation. They and my brother packed their bags and flew with me to Iloilo. The four of us spent the night at Guimaras, at Raymens (not sure if I remembered the name correctly) Resort. It was a nice place. It was peaceful and helped relax me somewhat. The picture says it was October 24.

Here's me with my dad. We look a lot alike, don't we? It's the eyes, I think.

This is still in Guimaras. Mom took this picture.

See the celphone on the table? I spent my time in Guimaras trying to calm my nerves by staring at the sunset and playing TextTwist on my cel. I was upset cause there was no signal in the resort and I couldn't get in touch with Ivan. But, spending quality time with my family was well worth the aggravation of separation anxiety from Ivan.

This is me with my mom and my brother.
Do I look like my brother?

Aaah... whatever.

Some people say I look more like my mom than my dad. So, what do you think?

I remember saying that I didn't want to go to the beach. I liked the serenity of the place, but I hated the feeling of sand in my pants or all over my feet. There were men coming in from the waters while this picture was being taken. You can't see it, so you'll have to take me oh-so-honorable word for it. There were boats all around the area. I'm not sure if they were fishing boats, I think they were ferries.

I remember someone from my family saying "Dinadala lang ng hangin yung signal." I know how strange that sounds, but after spending time in that part of Guimaras, I was inclined to agree. I'm not sure if it's coincidental, but the signal did come with the blowing of the wind. Maybe one of my Physicist friends could explain that to me!

October 25, the day we were supposed to return to Iloilo, I received a text message from Rene. He had just arrived in Iloilo. I also received a few text messages from Ivan and I stayed outside our room all morning trying to find the few precious spots where I could send text messages. It was frustrating that the signal was not strong enough to make calls.

Rene met up with me and my brother that afternoon. We went to Robinsons Iloilo. My brother, who was technology-starved in Guimaras, went straight to Netopia. Rene and I headed for the food court to talk. We tried contacting Ralph, but he was busy. Ralph told us to see him, instead, but I the school he was staying in had a dress code and I wasn't dressed for it! When my brother finished with his Internet stuff, he joined us. We went to Smallville, this small strip of bars, coffee houses, and restaurants his friend Lee told him about. We stayed at one of the bars and waited for our parents to arrive so we could all have dinner together.

This is a picture the waiter took of us in the restaurant we decided to eat in.

The food was Ok, I suppose. Not my type of cuisine. Poor Rene not only turned out to be allergic to half of the food we ordered, but also ordered a strangely flavored drink he had a hard time finishing.

I think the restaurant is pretty popular. There were a lot of people there. The restrooms were clean and well-stocked. I think it was a bit cold, though.

After eating, all five of us squeezed into a taxi and went to Residence hotel. Rene's hotel, Fine Rock, which was also SanD's hotel, was just two HUGE blocks away from Residence. We bid Rene goodbye and my mom asked Rene to take care of me since my family was leaving the next day. Well, her well-meaning words weren't exactly phrased correctly since she did imply-- not-too-subtly, if I may add--that I could sometimes be lacking common sense.

I spent that night panicking about my SPP presentation. Ivan was there for me, sending me messages for as long as he could. I didn't get much sleep.

In retrospect, I shouldn't have worried too much. It was my first SPP presentation and people were understanding of my inadequacy. I should have gotten much-needed sleep instead! The rest of the congress was fast-paced and both emotionally and physically taxing. The rest of the story I will tell at some later time, when I collect SanD's pictures from the lab.

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