Saturday, March 18, 2006

It is done (a long-winded account of yesterday)

I never thought I could get through yesterday, but when I woke up this...

...err... **checks clock**

...afternoon . I realized that I actually did. I didn't get through the day unscathed, but I got through it nonetheless and it ended so beautifully.

I hope nobody minds if I rant and rave about yesterday.

Of course you don't...

So, here we go. The day started as lousy as I had expected. I got up at 3:30 AM to study for Chem 153. It was frustrating because for some reason nothing was registering. Maybe I was just really tired since it was the end of the week. I was in school by 7:15 AM. The exam started at 7:45 AM.

I feel bad for being so down just then when my friend Marianne had a worse morning than I did. Not only did she have to take that accursed Chemistry exam (it should have been easy. I recognized the questions from our assignments, but I was too spazzed out to remember anything), but her celphone was stolen on her way to school.

It's an MO I heard of before, the person beside you on a jeep would "drop coins" near your feet. He would then try to "pick up" his coins by pushing your legs aside. As your attention is focused on the guy whose picking up coins near your feet, an accomplice would pick your pocket. When the guy has picked up his coins, he would get off the jeep. The accomplice would describe your stolen belongings and tell you that the other guy had them and would encourage you to get off the jeep and run after the coin-dropping guy. If ever you catch up to the coin-dropping guy, he wouldn't have your stuff and you can't charge him.

She went through that and had to finish the AP 171 midterm to boot! Not to mention their Physics 192 project, which they would have to present on Wednesday.
Okay, back to the rest of my day. After the Chem exam, I headed straight for the Kas 2 exam. She came in half an hour late (as always), which was a good thing because it gave me time to study for her exam.

I got a pretty good mark on that one.

Now, the problem with a teacher who always comes in late is she always dismisses us late. This was NOT good because the PI 100 final exam, which came right after Kas 2, was composed of 10 essay questions. I was a good twenty minutes late for that exam. So... let's see... (90 minutes - 20 minutes)/10 essay questions gives me roughly seven minutes to answer each question. Thanks to lack of sleep, I couldn't put my ideas together! The PI exam left me unbelievably frustrated. But, I didn't really have time to think about how lousy I felt about my Chem and PI exam because I still had my Physics 196 final presentation to worry about. At the back of my head, it also began dawning on me that the person I assigned to take care of the UPPA special elections would probably not take care of it.

It's a good thing my brain was reduced to little more than lukewarm oatmeal swimming with random sexual fantasies, naughty dreams, murderous tendencies, and molecular dynamics. By the time my seminar was up, I wasn't functioning well enough to actually be intimidated by Dr. Magpantay's grilling (I think he was asleep for most part of the presentation, though).

Okay, that's done. I rushed to see what was happening in the UPPA elections. It was 2:30 PM by then. When I got to the tambayan, sure enough, my beloved Electoral Board member had not lifted a finger to open the polls. I didn't really have the strength to get mad, I had yet to eat and my day had yet to wind down. So, I announced that the elections would be opened at 3:30 PM, I checked my email for nominations and left for the Shopping Center (aka Dilimall) to print up ballots and a voters list.

The heavens were kind to me, because as I walked to the car, I saw Ivan.

My wonderful boyfriend made me smile with his own harrowing experience of the day.

WARNING! The following account may not be suited for very young audiences. Parental guidance is advised.

He went up to the men's room to take a leak. It was an "off peak time" for the restrooms because it was 12:30 PM (restroom peak times are during the class dismissal times, which happen at 8:30 AM, 10:00 AM, 11:30 AM, 1:00 PM, 2:30 PM, and 4:00 PM, plus or minus five minutes). Ivan wears sneakers, which apparently help him "sneak around" the halls of our beloved institute. His shoes make his walk very quiet. When he got to the rest room, he saw a guy standing there. What made this sight strange was the guy in red kneeling in front of him. My dear Ivan, wanting to give people the benefit of the doubt, assumed the two were just trying to fix the standing guy's pants. When Ivan got a better look, he saw that standing guy was standing in more than two ways and the guy in red was "helping him out". Think

The poor dear was severely scandalized.

It didn't really take me long to get the ballots printed and photocopied. I also bought an extra piece of manila paper just in case we would need a new tally sheet. We were able to open the elections at 3:45 PM. Not a lot of people voted, but I really wasn't expecting a big voter turn out considering the circumstances. We just had enough voters to reach quorum.

The elections didn't really fray my nerves. I was in a better mood, because Ivan was there and Earl, another member of the electoral board took over while I had my (in my opinion) much deserved lunchbreak. What pissed me off was someone had the nerve to be critical of me and my electoral proceedings (which, to be fair, I must admit were far from perfect) when I was doing the best that I could to make the elections work. I mean, DUDE! Sorry for being human and all, but I'm NOT YOU! I can only do so much!

Okay, that said, I need not elaborate on what happened. I just needed to say that I was pissed off. I mean, it was a really looooooong day and he was pushing me to the edge AGAIN.

For the umpteenth time in my life, Ivan to the rescue. He took me home and with a little bit of and a little bit of and a whole lotta , I was happy again.

I'm so lucky.

I suppose I've ranted and raved long enough. I have a lot more work to catch up on and I still need to rest up a bit more. Still haven't recovered fully from Monday night's stomach flu.

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