Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Reminders : You know who you are...

Bastusan na kung bastusan.

Darling, before hostility breaks out, please remember your own words.
"Siyempre, mahal na mahal ko [siya] and everything follows, pati na patience and understanding"
"Pakiramdam ko hindi ko narereciprocate yung pagmamahal at attention na ibinibigay niya sa akin.
Trust me. I'm not paraphrasing. Before you make another impulsive move, remember what you said, rethink what you did, and learn from those things. The problem with emotional actions is they're governed by emotions. There's little logic or ethic or morality involved.

God speed.

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Rainstruck said...

dear, is this for me?

oh my.. :( all that are previously bad just got worse.. almost givin' up..just cant understand why hearts do have their problems as well.