Sunday, August 20, 2006

20 Random Thoughts about Today

I've been feeling very insecure lately, so I'm pretty sure this will not be a happy post.

  1. I really really really wish guys could feel the pain of dismenorrhea and the intense mood swings that come pre-, con-, and post-period.
  2. Then again, I suppose, the pain of dealing with a hyper-sensitive and irritable wife/girlfriend/friend/daughter who has her period is painful enough.
  3. Sometimes I wish I actually was just bumming around so I'd have an excuse for not getting anywhere.
  4. I am slowly but surely developing a strong hatred for TV commercials about beauty products.
  5. Ditto for clothes ads on billboards that just make you want to ram your car into its post and die cause you're not as perfect as the model on it.
  6. Cold weather really does make you horny.
  7. I want a do over for the rhumba and tango I danced with Ivan.
  8. I wonder how I can con _ t _ _ _, _ _ n _ _, _ _ l _ _, _ _ a _ _ _, and _ _ _ e into auditioning for Philippine Idol...
  9. I wonder if I should join them for fun?Eh, no, maybe not. Wouldn't want to end up on the growing list of people who wrongly think Terpsichore touched them and gifted them with her talent.
  10. I miss writing. I hope this writer's block goes away soon.
  11. Phenol is a very dangerous chemical. It should be kept away from sleep-deprived students who space out while performing Chem experiments.
  12. On that note, all sleep-deprived students should be deemed hazardous and be barred from the Chem labs.
  13. Then again, that would mean no one would be allowed to attend Chem anymore. Not that that's a completely bad thing.
  14. I should always keep a stock of dark chocolate in the fridge for days like this. Cuddlebunnies.
  15. "Cuddlebunnies" is not a real word (and doesn't really mean anything).
  16. Neither is "snicker-doodle".
  17. But fiddlesticks is.
  18. The newly opened SM Hypermarket is so crowded and has everything. It's like Costco or Price Mart.
  19. I miss a lot of people, but I have no intentions of attending any reunion of any sort anytime soon.
  20. I should go out and get some self-esteem. Maybe SM Hypermarket has some.

Quote for the Day: "Go ahead, kick me. Can't you see I'm still standing?"