Tuesday, November 14, 2006


The annoying thing about UP's Net Nanny

I'm working on my assignment for Bio 12. The research is about embryogenesis, you know, how a zygote develops into a fetus. One topic is about gastrulation, the process of forming a gastrula from a blastula. There is a process under gastrulation called "invagination". The thing is, I can't access the wikipedia site for Invagination because it is a "porn_expression" (read: vagina). I mean, come on, what self respecting porn site maker would use the word "vagina" on their website? More often than not, the words used are less, I don't know, scientific. I'm not even sure if half of the perverts in the world know the term!

Okay, that's an exaggeration. I imagine that most of the perverts in the world had elementary health class.

I suppose it's excusable. UP's just doing what should be done about preventing the use of their networks for "non-academic matters". Now, the irony of the whole thing is, I can access the wikipedia sites of porn stars like Maria Ozawa and Miko Lee.

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