Friday, November 24, 2006

Matters of Perspective

As Hasmin and I walked back towards NIP from our logbook shopping spree, she related to me her version of a story long discussed by the Katipips. I recognized the events she spoke of with little effort, but the meaning of everything seemed skewed and out of order. I began to wonder how people really saw me. I wondered if what I saw whenever I looked at people was as distinctly different from how they saw themselves. As she ended her tale I came to a conclusion.
"The view from outside is so different," I said wistfully and not without regret.
As the wind blew, a rain of leaves fell from the trees. And just as I admired their happy dance as they made their way to the cold earth; I couldn't help but wonder whether the tree was crying in longing or its remaining leaves were shivering in fear at the same sight.

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