Thursday, November 23, 2006

Randomness: Some thoughts from last night

My cousin sent me this message last night:

Somebody once asked me, "How do you hold love?"

I answered, "With your hands wide open, your palms facing up, and with your heart ready to let go and let the other grow."

And that somebody asked again, "What if it hurts you?"

I smiled wistfully and replied, "Then, it means you're doing it right."

But, does it really follow? Can you really equate loving a person other than yourself to feeling pain?


When it comes to dealing with getting hurt repeatedly, there are two extremes: developing an immunity towards it and compounding hurts on each other to produce a pain greater than the sum of its predecessor parts. The problem with not feeling the pain anymore is that there is no way to gauge the damage being done. The problem with feeling all the pain and then some is it consumes you to the point that you don't know which way is up.

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