Sunday, February 04, 2007

Broken Sandals

Unrequited love is like having a broken sandal.

I went to the mall with my mom today. While we were going about our business, the strap of my left sandal broke off. My mom told me to keep going about things while she bought me a new pair. As I hobbled along the aisles of the mall, I considered walking around without my sandals, but the floor was too cold, and that would just be weird.

It was so strange to walk around as though I were impaired, when nothing was really wrong with me.
And even though I could function better without my broken sandals, I kept on walking (with difficulty) with them on.

When my mom and I met up and I was finally able to change into new footwear, I hesitated to throw the broken sandals away. I held onto them for a while, and even felt a little bad for disposing them when I was the one who was careless enough to break them in the first place.

But, they were useless to me and I functioned much better without them. It was just a matter of telling myself to let go.

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