Sunday, March 11, 2007


I took the Keirsey Temperament Sorter test during a job application and guessed from the appearance of the check marks on my paper that I am an INTJ. I decided to take a similar test online and found that I was classified under INFJ instead.

Funny thing about these two personality types in the temperament sorter is that one letter changed could mean a completely different personality. INTJs are Masterminds (Rational) while INFJs are Counselors (Idealist). Both results say that I am Introverted, iNtuitive, and Judging. It's just a matter of whether I am more Thinking or Feeling. I'm a bit surprised that I was classified as someone introverted, though. Funny.

The online test I took is the Online version of the Jung-Myers-Briggs typology test.

Now, I looked at my zodiac sign. Here is how a Scorpio is described:

"During a lifetime, Scorpio will make many acquaintances, but very few friendships. Friendship is, for Scorpio, no easy matter; but once made, it becomes strong and permanent. Scorpio is always a friend one can count on, especially the Scorpio's trustworthiness and readiness to help."

The same site says that a female Scorpio with a male Sagittarius is like "chalk and cheese", which means they are little alike. Apparently, the best mates for a female Scorpio are a male Capricorn ("very strong") and a male Libra ("emotionally rewarding"). Go figure...

I also looked at my Japanese Blood-type personality. Because my blood type is AB+, the theory of Japanese blood types states that I am solitary and serious...



Anonymous said...

uhmm.. ahem.. we ARE little alike..

Paris dLR said...

nice to know. ^_~
now, if only i knew who you were... ^_^0