Saturday, April 14, 2007

A title for your thoughts

The difference between a journal and blogging is the title bar. Every time I see that field labeled "title", I feel compelled to make one up. My mother's father likes titles. He wants me to become a doctor, if only for the title. Most of my stories have lousy titles, because grouping together a bunch of words to form a teasing phrase that describes my thoughts has never been a forte of mine. I don't like titles. I've been given many titles in my life--phrases that try to describe my very being. But what do they know?

What do I know?

My thoughts are often too disjoint to form into one coherent text that can be given a title. My personality is just the same. How do you describe such scattered fragments with so few words? I wonder how artists do that. Maybe it's because they created the disarray themselves that they know what the title should be.

Perhaps God has a title for me.

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