Sunday, April 29, 2007


I wonder if my wishes are too complicated or too impossible to fulfill or if this is just God's way of telling me that there are some things that are just not meant to be.

We Catholics have so many superstitions, one being that visiting a new church warrants you a wish from the patron of that church. I wished for the same thing over and over again with every new church I ended up in over the past eight days. As I stood in front of the Trevi fountain earlier tonight, my fingers clutching tightly on a small coin and praying for the same thing to come true, I began to wonder what I was doing wrong. I wondered long and hard if it was worth it: to wish again and to be disappointed again.

And then I threw the coin over my shoulder.

I don't even know if it touched the bottom of the fountain, but, to be honest, I've given up hoping. It doesn't matter anymore whether you're crawling on the dirt or soaring in the sky.

Just pick yourself up and move on.

(Yeah, I know, ambiguity sucks, but bear with me. I've been a bit down for a while now. =) )

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