Monday, May 07, 2007

Elegy and Angsty Ukes

While watching Animax the other day, I heard a song called "Elegy" by Ken Hirai. There was something about that song that seemed to speak to me. It was strange because despite the fact that I couldn't understand the lyrics, it made something inside me stir. It stayed in my head even as I lay in bed that night. I don't understand Japanese. Yes, contrary to popular belief, I can't understand a word of it.

But that song... it felt like something that I would sing to you.

Never mind that neither of us spoke Japanese, the emotion it evoked in me was enough.


Last night I took the Ultimate Yaoi-level Selector quiz in Quizilla for fun. My result was Angsty Uke. I laughed so hard when I found out because *points at the blog description* and because I've always known I wasn't meant to top. I'm too emotionally unstable.


Now, what's the relationship between these two things? I looked up the lyrics of Elegy earlier today and discovered what the lyrics meant. It turns out that it's a love song written from a woman's perspective. It's a song of surrender. It's a song of urgency. It's also a song of the sad uncertainty of tomorrow.
I’ll dirty you with my hands, with my hands
And drown in you again and again, again and again
Our two backs together gives me anxiety and happiness
That comes in waves, penetrating me
If this love’s going to die someday
Tear me apart now with your love

That's part of the song. Go figure. It's translated Japanese, so it's not supposed to make a lot of sense upfront and without a little thought. But, as with all sad love songs, if you're in love, you can relate to them. I just found it weird that I related to it so well before understanding the words.

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