Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Aureaus Solito's "Pisay" movie

If I had known that I would be visiting high school, I would have dressed more nicely.

By Fate, hitsuzen, coincidence, or God's plan--depending on what you personally believe in--I bumped into an old high school friend yesterday afternoon. Naturally, as one does with old friend we have missed, the two of us proceeded to create flashbacks about our lives and the lives of our common friends. Later on, I ended up connecting with a few more people I wasn't expecting to reconnect with anytime soon.

Bumping into people from my past is an uncommon experience for me, generally because I hide from said people. Anyone who knows me would know that high school is not my favorite place on earth, which is ironic because it's probably one of the places I am most attached to. It says a lot about the very things that are most valuable to you : you can hate them because of the pain they cause or you can love them because they give you pleasure, but either way, you can't let go. This is probably why I'm angsting before actually putting in the real reason for this post.

I would like to invite everyone--particularly, those from Pisay--to watch Aureaus Solito's "Pisay". Solito is the man behind "Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros".

From the Quixotic Quests of Q the Conqueror, the movie's storyline is described as such :

Amidst the chaos of Martial Law in this Third World country in the 1980s, eight teenagers in the top high school for the sciences discover themselves as they go through the joys and pains of adolescence. They were the top two hundred students from all over the Philippines who passed the examination for the Philippine Science High School, which was created for the purpose of giving an education highly enriched in the Sciences to exceptionally gifted Filipino children. Selected from the best and brightest from all over the country, they endure college-level courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics from their sophomore year onwards. Those who can make it are hailed as the future science and technology leaders of the New Republic, those who don't are deemed unfortunate victims of natural selection. They all learn however that they are neither isolated from the real world, nor are they exempted from living real lives. They find the world outside, erupting into the People Power revolution in 1986 against the Marcos dictatorship, being replicated within the school as they struggle to graduate, contend with teachers, classmates, family, school officials, and a new classification to segregate students meeting the high standards of excellence from those who do not.

It's may not be our high school, but it's about our high school. So, in case you're interested, the schedule of shows taken from the same site is as follows : (you have to scroll down a bit, cause Blogger hates me)

21 Jul/Sat 03:30 PM Venue 1CCP Main Theatre / Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo
22 Jul/Sun 09:00 PM Venue 4CCP MKP Hall / Bulwagang Alagad Ng Sining
24 Jul/Tue 09:00 PM Venue 1CCP Main Theatre / Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo
25 Jul/Wed 09:00 PM Venue 2CCP Little Theatre / Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino
26 Jul/Thu 06:15 PM Venue 5CCP Tanghalang Huseng Batute
27 Jul/Fri 10:00 AM Venue 1CCP Main Theatre / Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo
28 Jul/Sat 03:30 PM Venue 2CCP Little Theatre / Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino

Edit: From Cinemalaya website :

Ticket prices for Cinemalaya 2007 will be P100 for regular screening of competition and exhibition films; P300 for a Daily Pass valid for one person and good for 5 screenings; and P950 for a Festival Pass valid from July 20-29 for all screenings. Cinemalaya Congress Fees are set at P500 package for 2 days; P300 a day for non-students and P250 a day for students. Discount of 20% for senior citizens will be available. Group discounts of 50% will be offered to teachers. Discounts will also be given on bulk ticket sales.

For more information, please call the CCP Media Arts Division at tel. no. 832-1125 local 1704-05 or visit the CCP website at

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