Tuesday, July 10, 2007

When I die, I will be smothered in fire and brimstone...

... shoot. Ouch.

But, I guess, that's hell for ya. And, if I go there, that will be the deadly sin that I will be paying for. Where'd that come from? Well, I took Tickle's "Seven Deadly Sins" test and here's the result :

You're less sinful than the average person. Still, everyone has their weaknesses, and the sin you're most guilty of is

Basically, this is my weakness. I scored a 7 on the Lust meter while the average score of takers is a bit above 3. Hahah... anyone who knows me will not be surprised. In Gluttony and Sloth, I also scored above average (higher for Sloth than for Gluttony), but not overly so.
So, according to Tickle, I need "Temperance" for my Lust, "Enthusiasm" for my Sloth, and "Restraint" for my Gluttony.

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