Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dream : What If?

At some point in time, we make big decisions that affects the rest of our lives. When I was 12, I made one such decision. And so, I left Poveda to become a student of Philippine Science High School.

While I often wonder "what if?", I never did ask myself what if I never left Poveda. I don't really know why I never second-guessed that decision. I don't even think I thought much before making my choice. I figure that maybe the reason why I never thought of what my life would be had I not attended Pisay is the feeling that I was too young to have decided otherwise (although I did make the decision to move from St. Paul to Poveda much earlier).

So, why am I bringing this up now? A couple of nights ago, I had a dream about how my high school life could have turned out had I not left for Pisay. It was a very peculiar dream bringing back memories of people and things that had not crossed my mind in over ten years.

The setting is fourth or third year high school.

I had just gotten out of class. I was finished with IW and was headed for the cafeteria. Why I was doing IW in class, I have no idea. The IW card was, apparently, fairly easy for me. It was an English one and I think I wrote well in my dream. I was in a hurry because I had a somewhere important to get to. Someone caught up with me as I briskly walked down the hall. Rianna was a friend that I often hung out with, but was not particularly close to. We were classmates and often seat mates, and we worked well together in projects, but beyond that, we had absolutely nothing in common. I even had the feeling that she was simply tolerating my presence. She was asking me something about our Physics lab report. I was hurriedly explaining things to her, as well. In my dream, people made it very clear that I excelled in science. Rianna said something about our groupmate Aileen and I merely nodded.
As Rianna and I walked, several people wished me luck. A number of others told me that I was already late. I picked up the pace and began to run after Rianna parted ways with me. When I got to where I was going, I found myself in a gymnasium full of people. Someone handed me a tennis racket. It turns out, I was one of the top tennis players in the school. I was already wearing my PE uniform and Jill and a younger student named Michelle were already playing. They told me I was up next. I don't remember how the game went. I had a good feeling afterwards, so I assume that I won. The last part of the dream had me going to lunch alone.

So there. That's the dream. I hadn't thought about playing tennis in a long while. I haven't touched my racket in years. Rianna, Aileen, Jill, and Michelle are people I have not seen since my elementary school days. I wonder what triggered this very peculiar vision.

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