Monday, September 24, 2007


This is one of those entries that I wrote because I felt like someone needed it. To you who has transferred from job to job or course to course; to you who has gone through a string of unhappy relationships; and to you who constantly wanders in search for happiness, I hope this makes sense to you.

All living creatures spend their lives searching.

That is just how it was meant to be. The simplest of creatures seek out sustenance. The most primitive of plants look for the sun. Animals search for food, habitat, and mates. All things search for their niche. As the creatures become more complex, so do their needs and the things that they look for.

So why should we humans, the most complicated of God's creatures be exempt?

We humans, like our evolutionary ancestors, spend our lives searching. Beyond food and sun and habitat and mates, we look for things that are more difficult to find. We search for purpose, meaning in life, love, and even God. We shouldn't be ashamed to search when that is what is natural for us to do.

(Yeah, abbreviated. Not thinking straight... Will try to come up with something more usable when all the stuff I need to finish are finished. ^^)