Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Like Clockwork

  1. Mood swings that put British weather to shame,
  2. Strong desire to stuff myself with all kinds of fattening comfort food,
  3. Painful cystic acne that imply that I have yet to win that battle with sebum that began in puberty,

and then, finally, the telltale nearly unbearable pain in my abdomen. Every month, they happen without fail. They sound like horrible things, and trust me, they're no walk in the park, but I'm always grateful whenever I these signs arrive. After several years of periodic amenorrhea, they don't seem so bad.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

WTF?! No signal?!

It was, apparently, a nationwide problem. (GMANews.TV)

It was around 16:10 when I noticed that my phone status was "No Access" rather than its usual "GLOBE" or "For Emergency use Only". I was concerned because Ivan, who was supposed to meet me at 16:00 had yet to arrive. I found it a bit strange since I was in an area where the signal is always pretty good.

I did the first thing I always do when I can't get a signal, I dialed *77#. Nothing. Perhaps a phone glitch like "Insert SIM"? I turned my phone off and turned it on after a minute or so. The "Searching" status was on for about five minutes before reverting to the dreaded "No Access".

I assumed the worst and thought that it was because I had yet to pay my phone bill, so I quickly changed into my TM sim. I went to the 7-11 next door and bought a load card for my TM sim, but when I turned my phone on, the status was still "No Access". I was quick to berate myself for losing my Sun sim.

I decided to go old school and use the phone booth, but when I dialed Ivan's cel number, it was unattended, as well. Frustrated, I called Leonard who told me all Globe subscribers had no signal. My first thought was, "Well, crap." After ending my conversation with Leonard, I decided to wait for Ivan a bit longer. When he didn't show up, I went to the badminton place we were supposed to go to, and found him there.



When I was in elementary, meeting up required that you knew what time you were going to meet and exactly where. With no way to communicate in transit, the need for a definite agreement was great.

In high school, I had a pager. I usually gave the excuse that the messages never got to me, which they oftentimes didn't, so the pager really wasn't much of an improvement. I remember this one time that my high school friends and I were supposed to meet, I waited over an hour for them at National Bookstore only to receive their page long after we'd met up that they would be late.

Near the end of high school, I got my first celphone. I thought it was frivolous and expensive, especially since I already had a pager. Now, it's indispensable. Times like this, I realize how much so.

My, how things change is such a short time...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Nostalgia Lyrics Trip: Laser Squadron Maskman

Tagalog Opening Theme

Humanda na kayo,
Kampon ng kadiliman.
Oras na ng pagtutuos
Kasamaan ay dapat matapos

Na. Heto na sila.
Bayaning tagapagtanggol,
Sa masam'y lipipol.

Maskman, kayo lang ang pag-asa!
Iligtas kami sa marahas na kadiliman
Kami'y inyong ipaglaban!

Sige! Sige! Laban, Maskman!
Ipagtanggol ang kapayapaan.
Sugod! Sugod! Laban, Maskman!
Pagsanggalang ninyo ang katarungan.

Buong mundo'y magpupuri't magpupugay, "Mabuhay!"


Bwahahahah.... I missed that show. I will now go out to hunt for more Tagalog-dubbed sentai series.

Nostalgia Lyrics Trip: Laser Squadron Maskman Ed Theme

I transcribed the lyrics from the DVD. I hope I got it right. Wahahahah.... fun.... I feel like I'm five again. I still prefer Jetman, though. I liked the angst. =p


Ang mga bayaning magiting
Walang takot sa bangis ng kalaba'y
Di umuurong

Tagapagtanggol ng inaapi
Mga huwarang sa tungkuli'y tapat
Nakahandang mag-alay ng buhay

Maskuman, tanod ng kapayapaan
Maskuman, laging maaasahan
Dapat nating tularan ang kagitingin

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

First Letter

Tagged by Ma-anne. Didn't think it would be so hard to fill up.


Instructions: Use the first letter of your name to answer each question. They must be places or names, nothing made up. You can't use own name for boy/girl's name question. If can't answer, skip to next one.

Famous singer: Kyla

Four-letter word: Kiss (mwah!)

Street: Kaayusan St. (Ivan's address <3)

Colour: Kulay ube! (wahahahahah...), khaki (thanks, Cole)

Gift/Present: Kotse? =D

Vehicle: Kia

Things in a souvenir shop: Keychain

Boy name: Khail

Girl name: Krista

Movie title: King Kong or Kill Bill x_x

Drink: Khalua

Occupation: King =p

Celebrity: Kristin Kreuk

Magazine: K (yung kay Kris Aquino)

City: Kansas

Sports: Karate

Fruit: Kiat-kiat, kiwi fruit

Reason for coming late to work: Kinapos sa pamasahe, kulang sa gas?

Something you throw away: Karton

Something you shout: Kiyaaah!!!

That's done. I now tag Ralph, Hasmin, Celine, Donna (have you been tagged?), Joy, and Patrick

January 8, 2008

This was a memorable day at the very least. A lot of things happened: some momentous no matter how you look at it while other events were important and noteworthy only to us. There were a lot of reasons to celebrate. Small things, unexpected things, and even things that bring incomparable joy were what colored so vibrantly the beginning of our sixth year together as a couple.

You just know that there are many things to look forward to when you have beginnings like this.