Friday, March 07, 2008

Dream: De ja vu?

I had a long conversation with Ivan last night about the things that happened between one of our college friends and myself between two to three years ago. My dream probably stemmed from that.

There were several of us who went out that day. In my dream, it was one of those rare times when our work schedules jived and we ended up whole, as a group. It was a conspiracy, I tell you. Our friends contrived to make that person and I talk. It was a short conversation:

That person: I suppose, because of everything, you're no longer...
Me: Please, I don't want to discuss this. Let's not ruin this reunion between friends.
That person: So you still feel the same way?
Me: Does it matter at this point? I don't see any reason why I should have to tell you...

And then I stretched my arms out, a bit exasperated, and then I felt pain. OMG, the pain in my muscles from joining that Body Pump class woke me up, and I was given another reason why that class is now my favorite. +_+

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