Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Bloggers: Mind what you write

I'm not really sure if it's a glitch in Blogger, now that it's affiliated with Google. By typing in the correct keywords, you can get snippets of restricted entries in blogs or view blog entries that have been deleted. Granted, I think there's an option in the blog settings to make your blog un-Google-able (Blogger entries cannot be seen by Yahoo!Search and Dogpile), but be sure that this is selected, especially when you're writing very personal information about yourself. Better yet, don't upload very personal information about yourself. I know that the blogosphere is supposed to be the world's collection of online journals, wherein you should be free to express yourself, but never forget that the blogosphere is also a very public place. Be careful what you write.

Google also stores some old entries. If you search for an old blog entry and Google finds it, if that entry is no longer available when you click the main link, you can click the "Cached" (Naka-cache) link at the bottom and the entry will most probably pop out. I don't delete blog entries because I never had any reason to, but I suggest you check and make sure that what you decided ought to be gone really is gone.

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