Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Melancholy of Ma'am Kristine: Mystery Cake

Today is Amb. Tirona's birthday. The PLP full-time faculty held a program so full-timers' classes were cancelled. Part-timers were supposed to hold classes as usual, but my students didn't come to class, so I joined the other part-timers whose students were MIA. We were invited to eat so we lined up for the buffet. But, since the affair was for full-timers, there weren't any seats for us, so we headed back to the faculty room. When we came back down to return the plates to the caterers, Ma'am Auit decided to watch the slide show made for Amba so Sir Ryan and I watched with her.

Moment 1: Open mouth, insert foot

Me (about the flattering acrosstic poem flashed on the screen): Hala ka. Totoo ba yan?
Sir Ryan: Para kay Amba. Patapos na yan.
Me (moves hands, as if forming a ball): Bola.
Lady beside us: Ang hirap humanap ng pictures. Akala ko hindi ko magagawa.

The lady beside us turned out to be Amba's daughter. Great. Open mouth, insert foot.

Moment 2: Mystery Cake

As we stood there, three female HM students approached me with a cake.

Girl 1: Ma'am, pinabibigay po ni Chef Luces(?).
Girl 2 (elbowing girl 1): Ssst.
Girl 1: Sabi niya, sabihin galing kay Chef Luces(?) eh.
Me: Sakin to?
Girl 3: Opo.
Me: Ano to? Bibigay ko kay Amba?
Girl 1: Hindi, ma'am! Sayo yan.
Me: Ah... okay. Just checking. Thank you.

I was too confused. Didn't really know how to react. I think I should be flattered, but really.... o_o

It's good cake, though. ;-D

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