Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Paper faces on parade.
Hide your face so the world will never find you.

Over dinner, I watched him study me.  His eyes are sharp and searching, devouring and not missing any details.  I have nothing to hide so I meet the scrutiny, unfazed.  I cannot get it out of my head as our eyes meet what he told me a few nights before: "Deep inside, I'm insecure.  What other people see, that is the real me."  He smiles at me, but he knows I can see past it.  I can see the longing in his eyes, and because he knows I can see it, he doesn't bother hiding it.

We all hide behind masks.  It is only natural for us to do so.  In front of my boss, I am perpetually upbeat and ready to help.  In front of my friends, I am all smiles and tough love.  In front of those most important to me, I am vulnerable and honest.  It is human nature.  We adapt to the situation.  We put on the most appropriate mask.  It is a necessity for social acceptance.  I believe that deep inside, we all have some form of psychosis. That we all have a weakness.  We are only human, after all. Instinct tells us to hide these weaknesses so we can survive.  To reveal our true selves is to admit that there are no longer any threats.

We live in a world of masks.  We're all characters in a universal masquerade.  It is a rare relief when the smoke clears and the mirrors break and under my scrutinizing eyes, he welcomes this and honors me.